I’m passionate about the work that I do as a coach and facilitator.  I work with my clients to identify key strengths and target the areas for growth that will make the biggest difference to their performance and leadership, or quality of life. The impact of my coaching, as described by clients:

Julie was fabulous. She was my rock through a really tough patch and supported me to come out the other side. She was able to help me understand my own thinking, and support me to reflect on strategies to bring out the best in myself and other people.”
Assistant Principal, South Australian High School (2019)

"Julie helped me to build up my leadership capability, and improve my coaching skills with my subordinates."
Operations Manager, Hong Kong (2019)

"I really valued my time speaking with Julie. She has a great sense of picking up a particular part of a conversation and using this to drill into the coaching topic/s in that session. It was also good to speak to someone from outside the organisation about work related topics. I felt the unbiased view helped work through some issues in a different way than if I was talking to a colleague or LM. Julie was great. She applied the coaching well and I found it easy to open up."
State Manager, Global Logistics Company (2019)


The coaching sessions with Julie were extremely valuable ... she asked some really good questions that really made me think.”
Senior Regional Support Manager, Global Data Management Organisation (2019)

Julie is empathetic and insightful, providing sensitive and sound approaches with deep experience of the tertiary education sector.”
Professor and Director of a National Centre, Australian University (2019)

“Julie was able to get me to reflect on my leadership performance and improve my leadership style. I always came away from the session motivated and committed to change my practice.”
Deputy Principal, South Australian High School (2019)

“Julie was excellent and really helped me in my journey and would recommend to anyone.”
Associate Director, Global Bank (2019)

“Julie was an engaged and involved coach. Even though I've never met her, the connection she forged via the phone calls was impactful and key to my positive take outs from the experience. I had reservations about how bespoke 'remote' training could be, but these were quashed by the end of the first session. Throughout each one, she was able to accurately capture and reflect on my thoughts and our conversations, and use these to keep us on track and striving towards our shared focus. I never doubted that she wasn't as invested in the experience as I was.”
Senior Social Affairs Manager, Digital Marketing Company (2018)

“I really valued and enjoyed our sessions, they came just at the right time for me ... The sessions really clarified for me what I should be focusing on and why I feel so happy and motivated when I am drawing on my strengths. I also really valued the advice on how to get to the next stages of my career – identifying key attributes of a potential mentor and what I might focus on for a long-term career goal. All these things have motivated me and given me confidence.”
Senior Project Manager, Multinational Engineering Firm (2018)

"It was wonderful to have Julie as my coach, she made me feel a million times capable.  Her charisma, flexibility especially with schedules was amazing, thus leaving me on the other side of the phone line feeling like just not an item to be ticked off, but a treasure. I always looked forward to our sessions together.  Thank you Julie.
Clinical Nurse Manager, Aged Care (2018)

“At the crossroads of my career, Julie reignited my passion for what I do and refocused me on the 3 absolute key areas I want my team to over deliver on. I have a renewed confidence in my own ability and some new tools to remove my anxiety around managing millennial staff and growing my team.”
General Manager, Multinational Media Company (2018)

"Thanks again so much for your time over the past months.  I have really appreciated our discussions… being able to speak with someone about work/life with full confidence and such constructive feedback is invaluable.  At a stage where there are so many moving parts in my career and my home life, it has really helped to ground me and think about where I really need to focus my time and effort."
Senior Public Affairs Manager (2018)

"I’d lost my mojo;  Julie set me on a path to get it back.  She listened. She challenged. She armed me with tools. She broadened my thinking about my life, my work and ultimately, myself. Our coaching sessions made what had been a muddle in my head keeping me awake at night, merge in to a clear way forward. And I’m grateful for that."
Director, Australian University (2017)

“I have had Julie working as a Coach with my senior management team over the past nine months during a time of significant change. During this time she has provided consistent guidance and insight in a 1-1 coaching capacity, tactfully offering strategies that encourage the individual to create their own solutions, and be empowered in the process. Julie has been instrumental in maintaining and increasing the performance of the individuals and the team. I have also been part of this process and found Julie’s approach to be professional, approachable and sensible – so that the lesson learned stays well after the session ends. Highly recommended.”
Executive Director, Australian University (2017)

"I had not seen a coach before I met Julie. She immediately put me at ease with her warm and friendly manner. Julie helped me identify my blocks and gain clarity around the limiting beliefs I had about my issues. Julie coached me through some difficult choices and gave me the confidence to change. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her professional manner, humanity and experience were invaluable. I look forward to our sessions together and always know she is there when I need to find my path."
Small Business Owner, Adelaide (2017)

My coaching experience [with Julie] has had a profound effect on me. Julie’s subtle yet highly effective coaching has brought to the fore thoughts and aspirations I have internalised or put aside and made me reassess what I really want with my life, both professionally and personally. I always come away from our sessions re-energised about what I am doing and how I am going about it. A hugely positive experience!"
Centre Manager, Australian University (2015)

“I was stuck in my business, loving what I was doing but exhausted and feeling trapped. I had no focus and wasn’t sure where to turn next. Through a coaching session with the gentle, calm and super patient Julie I feel centred, energised, relieved and ready to take action on my business again. Julie created a lovely safe, nurturing space where I felt unjudged, clear and decisive. Simple, effective and clear coaching and with an accountability catch-up with Julie booked in soon I’m very excited to be moving forward again. Thank you Julie."
Small Business Owner, Adelaide (2016)

“Julie has given me simple, clear advice and ideas which have improved my ability to organise myself and get more done, more quickly. She has also helped me focus on aspects of my life and activity in a productive way. The results at the end have helped make improvements to my life. You could not ask for more than that.”
Executive Officer, Foreign Affairs and Trade (2014)

“My career path has never been so clear thanks to the support and guidance provided to me by my career coach, Julie Lines. Julie has coached me through mapping out my ideas of possible career paths, based on my personality and strengths. Julie’s coaching has given me the confidence to take this step in my life. I highly recommend her to others as an exceptional career coach.” 
Executive Assistant, Australian University (2014)

Julie’s coaching so far has proved invaluable to me. Julie stretches my thinking to come up with solutions to complex problems, outside of my own network, drawing out the skills or talents that I do not expose readily. This coaching is important for my leadership role and future aspirations, so I can become the best version of me, and to enable me to reach my maximum capabilities.” 
School Manager, Australian University (2014)

Julie is an excellent coach – she has the skill of being able to bring out insights from your inner-self that you were unaware of and help you to take a new direction on the basis of this. She helps you to apply this understanding to improve both as a person and as a professional."
Communications Manager, Australian University  (2014)

“Julie’s coaching has enabled me to face challenges and find solutions by putting things in perspective. I was able to focus on my core values, set new goals and look to the future. Julie’s calm and supportive personality made me feel relaxed and able to concentrate on aspects of my life I could control while minimising the impact of those aspects I can’t. I would highly recommend Julie as a coach for anyone looking to achieve personal growth and success.”
Recruitment Manager, Australian University (2014)

I have found coaching sessions with Julie to be incredibly motivating. The sessions themselves have made me shut out all the external ‘noise’ and hear my ‘inner dialogue’, those excuses which I have subconsciously gathered about myself to justify my own inaction. Tangible proof of the power of coaching was my success in being shortlisted for a Senior Management role recently. If I had not been coached, I would not have believed in myself enough to have applied. Coaching sessions with Julie were sometimes confronting but always, ultimately empowering. From it I made a personal commitment to change, risk and grow.” 
Executive Officer, Australian University (2014)