What is Group Coaching?

Group coaching is great as a follow-up to training and it’s a very cost-effective way to support participants with the integration/application of new learning. Group coaching can take many forms, because it is shaped by the specific needs of the group. Some examples might include:

  • A group coaching program on work-life integration for new parents who have recently returned to work within the one organisation, with ongoing in person sessions held over several months.
  • Online training in Influence and Impact for new team leaders in geographically diverse locations, with group coaching sessions held monthly over a period of 6-12 months.
  • An online program aimed at developing the skills to hold difficult conversations, with a mix of individual coaching calls and small group sessions held over several months.

What makes group coaching so powerful is the opportunity to learn from peers and the collective wisdom of the group.

Group size is always limited to 6 people.

For more information about group coaching please call me on 0410 403 607, or email coaching@julielines.com.au