Workshop Facilitation

“Great session. Engaging facilitator.”
“Julie was really great at listening to what we were saying and understanding where we were coming from. She presented in a professional manner and every individual was treated with respect.”
“Thank you [Julie] for the gentle, firm, confident presentation that allowed us to be present, learn and engage.”

Drawing on several decades of experience developing and facilitating planning meetings, workshops, focus groups, process reviews and retreats, I will work with you to design and deliver a program which keeps participants engaged and meets the objectives you want to achieve from the day.
Unlike large firms who deliver formulaic programs, I do not believe there is a “one size fits all” approach to workshops. Instead, I will work closely with you and your executive team to develop an agenda which is tailored to your group.

If you engage me as an independent facilitator for your workshop I will:

  • help you design and prepare a tailored workshop agenda, based on the outcomes you have established.
  • use an approach (or variety of approaches) that best fit the needs of the group.
  • structure the session(s) to create energy and maximise creativity.
  • honour the wisdom of the group. I will foster open participation, with respect for participant diversity.
  • manage participant interaction, creating opportunities for everyone to have a say and drawing-out participants with different thinking styles.
  • create a safe environment, in which issues can be surfaced.
  • bring an independent view, which also helps me keep the day on track.
  • ensure group members are fully engaged in discussion, while I focus on process and documenting outcomes.
  • provide a summary of the discussion and outcomes of the session, including any agreed next steps.

For more information please call me on 0410 403 607, or email