When is coaching the right decision?

Have you ever wondered whether engaging an executive coach is the right thing for you or one of the leaders in your organisation? The author of this article suggests there are eight questions you should ask before making that decision…

  1. Is the leader someone who is considered high potential or in a high-impact role?
  2. Does the leader need customized development?
  3. Is the leader coachable?
  4. Does the development need require a sustained change in behaviors?
  5. Is the leader’s environment changing significantly to require a step-change in leadership?
  6. Is the leader going through or being prepared for a significant change in responsibilities?
  7. Is the leader new to the organization or function?
  8. Is the leader at risk of derailing?

Some of these things will come as no surprise: coaching is extremely beneficial for new leaders, high potential leaders, leaders dealing with significant organisational change, or leaders who are being asked to ‘stretch’. But it’s also worth investing in leaders who are experiencing a change of personal circumstances, or where there is complexity in the scope of stakeholders to be managed. Coaching can be remarkably useful where “Strong vision setting, alignment of people and resources, listening, delegating and influencing skills are required”.

Coaching helps leaders gain self-awareness, find clarity in their decision-making and commit to change, which is something that skills-based courses and mentoring cannot do.

If you are thinking about investing in a coach, find the right coach for you with the International Coaching Federation’s Credentialed Coach Finder. With an ICF Credential, coaches demonstrate not only knowledge and skill, but also a commitment to high professional standards and a strong code of ethics.

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