Team & Group Coaching

I run team coaching and development programs that create energy and impetus within the team, build the team’s capability, and improve the team’s capacity for the future.

Team coaching is not team building. Team coaching empowers the team to take charge of their own development and to collectively manage:

Team performance
Team goals
Focus of activity
Decision making

There are many benefits to an organisation adopting a coaching approach. Some of the benefits of coaching to your organisation will include:

  • Cultural repair and change – building positive individual and team behaviours.
  • Building resilience – learning how to prioritise what matters most for now and for the long term: focusing on what matters to enhance individual and organizational resilience.
  • Retaining valued staff – helping to build motivation and focus for valued staff.
  • Developing leaders –  working with the rising stars / future leaders who will be stretched to take on new challenges.

Contact me if you would like to discuss my approach to team coaching and developing a team learning plan.