Interpersonal Conflict Coaching

We all have an “inner village” – the negative voices in our head that chatter away and undermines our confidence – but the inner voice quickly loses its power when we externalise it.  Interpersonal conflict coaching is a one-on-one confidential and structured process that helps you develop the skills and competencies to manage interpersonal conflict.

Beware the stories you tell yourself, for surely you will be lived by them. [William Shakespeare]

When you are in conflict your relationship with the other person is affected and if left unresolved, you may also begin to experience internal reactions. As a trained CINERGY Conflict Coach, I will work through a step-by-step process to help you:

  • Resolve a dispute or interpersonal conflict. Differences between people (personally and professionally) are inevitable. We can all be triggered and react to specific behaviours, words, or styles – there can be one specific interaction, or a series of interactions over time that lead to disharmony. We will debrief your experience of the conflict and consider various elements of the conflict, to clarify the situation and find a way forward.
  • Manage an internal struggle. Often something is said or done that presses our buttons, but the other person is unaware. Even when conflict is internal, the way you view yourself and others is affected… these things brew inside our heads and may stay internalised indefinitely. Using the CINERGY framework, I can help you manage an internal conflict by developing a response to it.
  • Debriefing a challening/difficult conversation.  If you have been involved in a challenging conversation or staffing issue, a debrief can be invaluable to help you process the event and move forward.